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Gerry Loccisano

Gerry Loccisano“John did a great job asking the right questions and understanding what my priorities were after I was finished with my corporate job and looking at what the next step would be. After getting to know me he gave me some recommendations that frankly I first thought were off base, but in the end turned out to be a great fit for me.

He's very professional but also laid-back and at no point did I feel like he was doing a hard-sell for any particular franchise. I would recommend John to anyone that's in the midst of a career change and is open to exploring different options.”

Lydia Gray

Lydia Gray“Christine contacted me late October or early November 2014, in my interest on becoming a franchise owner. From the moment, she spoke with me, I knew she is a person I could work with. She has been nothing but supportive to me to become a franchise owner.

In our initial conversation, I told Christine of my interest in becoming a food franchise owner. She advised me of other options in the markets that suit my criteria. From there onwards, she worked with me everyday, via texts, emails or phone calls 10pm at night.

I would call Christine for the most minute information which did not reach me in time. She has been nothing but the extreme best. Christine and I are always in contact, even though, she already found a suitable franchise for me that meets my needs. I still call her most of the time, to keep her abreast of my progress with Salon by JC. Thanks Christine, simply the best! ”

Cecelia Henderson

Cecelia Henderson -Jack”Jack Armstrong is a true coach/diagnostician. I had the pleasure of working with Jack when I was evaluating whether to purchasing a franchise. Jack provided multiple franchise opportunities, all of which were extremely interesting to me. I was impressed with how our conversations led him to identify a number of opportunities that fit my skills and interests. In this process, Jack was patient, insightful, and supportive. I would strongly recommend Jack to anyone who is looking to evaluate a number of different franchise or business opportunities”

Gerry Patrizio

Gerry Patrizio -Jack“Jack provided all the tools necessary to match talent, skills and lifestyle that helped me decide what I wanted to do in this next stage of my life. He was instrumental in recommending several franchise options that fit my profile for me to explore. Well, I chose to go with a senior care franchise called Assisting Hands and will open in Mercer County NJ. I can’t thank Jack enough for guiding me through a difficult and scary process. He truly allowed me to open my mind and broaden my horizons and I couldn’t have done it without his guidance. I highly recommend Jack to anyone who is thinking of potentially making a change in their life and wants to explore franchising. Its been a pleasure to work with Jack.”

David B. Nast

David B. Nast -Jack”I’ve known Jack since 2007. He helped many of my clients at DBM buy a franchise and change their future. I have referred many people to Jack over the years because I trust him.

In 2014, Jack helped me buy my first franchise. Jack’s advice, partnership, and help were valuable beyond measure. Each step of the process he was there with good information, and I felt he truly had my back. His approach not only helps pair the individual with the right franchise based on a thorough assessment, but his level of knowledge and experience goes beyond the surface. He has developed close relationships with all the franchises that FranNet carefully chooses to represent.

He helped me prepare questions, and advised me on what to look for, how to read the FDD, and more. I can truly say that he made a daunting and scary process easy and fun.

I trust Jack implicitly. His knowledge, experience, intentions, and ethics are above reproach. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I count him as a trusted advisor, partner, and friend.”

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