Our FranNet Webinars: Franchise Expert Boynton Weekes

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When we created a short series of videos on FranNet’s franchising experts, we let each person speak for themselves for a more personalized approach. We feel this helps those of you interested in franchising find a more welcoming presence so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

One of our top franchise experts is Boynton Weekes. He taped a video introduction about what he does at FranNet and the financial rewards you can enjoy from starting a franchised business.

Take a look at what Boynton said in our video from 2015.

Boynton’s Introduction

In Boynton’s intro, he reminds that FranNet is the largest franchise consultancy firm in North America. Along with this, he notes how we work with over 150 nationally recognized franchise firms to give assurance of quality.

Franchising scams are always possible elsewhere. However, all of the companies we work with are ones with pristine track records so you don’t have to vet on your own.

One great aspect of having Boynton on our team is he’s been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years, as he notes. His experience is a major factor in why we have him on our valued team of consultants.

Determining if Franchising is Right for You

Boynton says his role at FranNet is simple: He wants to help you determine if franchising is right for you. A unique aspect of our service is we provide an assessment test to see if starting a franchise business fits your expertise and lifestyle.

Our consultants like Boynton can guide you through these assessments when you meet with him. First, though, he makes it clear that franchising is usually right for those of you tired of being downsized or wanting more control of your career destiny.

Exploring the Possibilities at No Cost

If you wondered, it’s possible to meet with consultants like Boynton without having to pay a cent. How many services like ours can you find where you can take an assessment for free?

Fortunately, all our consultants meet one-on-one with you to give a more personal feel to assessing your business skills.

To reach Boynton, call him at 732-494-6920 and he’ll set up an appointment for a meeting.

Once you decide franchising is for you, we’ll set you off on your journey, including finding the proper avenues in finding financing.


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